Cat Chez, a native Californian has always had a passion for music & entertainment, at a very young age you could find her singing, writing songs and planning ahead towards her music career.

At the age of 17 she was working with MCA Records, promoting music for motion pictures. By the age of 19, Cat was working in animation production along side, Hanna Barbera, Ruby Spears and Marvel Production and played a big part in the first 3D animated feature film.

Cat moved East and started a family putting her career on the back burner for awhile.  When her children were old enough, she joined forces with her sister, an inventor in the fashion/sewing industry.  Cat traveled the country teaching special techniques in design and costuming everywhere from Alaska & Hawaii, to the coast of Maine and Canada. Cat had over 300 airtimes on Home Shopping Network 

relating to fashion/sewing and made her products the number one selling products on the show for months.  

Cat also explored Real Estate and continues to make costuming part of her side pleasure.  Along with her daughter, Morgan a teacher and Theatre director, Cat has been responsible for costuming multiple plays not only for her daughter, but for other venues.  Cat has

done party planning for many family events and manages her husbands band and is 

featured on his second CD: Chapter Two: Reimagined.

My Story

Karaoke Cat gives back regularly with fundraiser events. 

Karaoke Cat is a member of the Red Cross and spent time away with the hurricanes Rita & Katrina



​(973) 670-3992 (cell)


"If  you're not having fun...

           It's not a party!"

                     Cat Chez

That's Where It's At !

During Cat's travels in the 1990's she discovered karaoke for the first time in Kentucky. She knew karaoke would soon reach the eastern seaboard and she made it her goal to be there when it started.  

After Cat's many years in the entertainment business she knew what it took to create a great show. Building a state of the art sound system and offering an extensive music library were key to her success.

Cat's husband is a professional musician, with world tours, and over 15 years on TV, so private parties for celebrities is common.

Cat's years of experience in front of crowds and live television made the transition into becoming a DJ a simple one.

Cat, aka Karaoke Cat provides top-notch

DJ & Karaoke services along with great customer support.

Through commitment, experience and expertise Karaoke Cat has established a 

business relationship that last a lifetime!

​Cat has welcomed DJ Woody to her staff, a welcome addition.  Whether Cat or Woody are running the music, it is bound to be an amazing time.